South | Red...the seasons to nurture new ideas as they become and flourish.
This is the place of Emotion.

West | Black...the season of Fall and setting of the sun.
This is the place of the Physical.

Shifts have been sudden of late. Mere days ago it was bright, sunny, warm...with high clouds above, dancing wisps on the winds from the ocean. The harvest is done - ideas have come to fruition - and now we watch as the sun sinks lower sooner and the trees go to sleep. The gentle rains and grey skies of the Pacific Northwest have returned...our walk this morning accompanied by the gentle sounds of rain on our hoods and damp air known for these temperate rainforests. We do not hibernate and retreat indoors...these are the days when we step out and allow our senses to be filled with the sights, sounds, feels, and smells of the changing soil and land.

The gentle sounds of large leaves falling to the Earth in their return to the cycle - their work is done...and now we are nearing the time of reflection. AND a warm cup of tea and cozy wood fire.

Images by Tom Borges,  Models Shaian Price (top) Colin Donald (bottom)