Meet David - he makes things happen. During the week he is at the helm of one of the most convergent places in Northeast Portland - a meeting place of energy, ideas, and action. Go sit in the Albina Press and have a coffee. You will soon realize something must be in the water...or coffee. One by one, they pass through his coffee bar: visionaries, educators, dreamers, and doers. From artists and chefs, to athletes and entrepreneurs (yup, pros looking for pro coffee) - each is served with sincere attention to their day and state-of-being. And lets not forget...each is served a meticulously crafted coffee. At the center of it all - is David, the one who helps bring everyone together each a space of convergence. So, what does someone who spends hours tending to the needs of others do during his off time?

"It's real simple. I find a river near the ocean. Then I surf and fly fish...mostly with my wife. That's where I go to recharge..." David has been seriously caffeinating some Ginew apparel for a while, so we asked to tag along and see for ourselves. A few weeks later, just as the evenings were starting to chill, we rolled out of Portland for the coast...near a wild river. It's no wonder Portland and the Pacific Northwest draws so many outdoor enthusiasts - you are never too far from adventure...and if you go mid-week, you may find your group has the place to yourselves.


We walked through a coastal rainforest for awhile - shrouded by towering old growth and welcomed by the gentle tweets of birds. It felt silent and still, yet we could feel the energy of the ocean and began to hear the distant waves. Exiting through a tunnel of dense trees, we suddenly appeared on the beach and were welcomed by the pounding surf and swooping gulls. What a sight.

For the next two hours we didn't say much. We simply enjoyed being - being in that space - a place with thundering waves and a deep sense of peace. We get it - we see how you are able to you can keep doing what you do on a weekly basis - you bring people together. Thanks for the journey.