The Early Dawn


Thank you. The past eleven years have been completely unexpected and nothing short of extraordinary. We began Ginew as a way to give meaningful gifts to friends and family...and ultimately the brand morphed into the only Native American-owned denim collection on Earth. This has been an unexpected journey - one filled with ups and downs - and nothing short of magical...the kind born of serendipity and happenstance. This morning we went out at dawn to see the waves and feel the ocean breeze...outside, this is where we find our inspiration. As the mist lifted off the ocean and revealed the old growth forest along the ocean cliffs, we stood overwhelmed with gratitude. For everyone who has believed in the Ginew dream - those who have helped us elevate contemporary Native American voice in the global fashion ecosystem - the Ginew TEAM - and for all of the support and encouragement through the years from people just like you. Wherever you are...know that we appreciate you. We are forever grateful...we stand on the ocean's edge, facing West as the dawn breaks...and our hearts and minds fill with gratitude. Thank you for joining with us on this journey...thank you for listening as we tell our family stories through each piece...and thank you for living your own story in them. Much respect and gratitude - Thank you.