The Facing East Flyer's Jacket

It was only a matter of why not make a splash + an impact. We have been peers and friends with Dehen 1920 since we landed in Portland. Now we are stepping out and making a bold move with the FACING EAST FLYER'S JACKET - shifting from our design norm of being subtle with patterns to being this shift, we spoke with the leaders at Dehen and expressed our desire to "be bold" - not only in design, but in our impact.

Amanda & Erik - co-owners of Ginew - are both physicians and both have outreach clinics in the Warm Spring Nation in Central Oregon. Each month they travel to serve the community through our medical outreach...and in return the Warm Springs community has wrapped them in friendship, kindness, and love. With the arrival of their baby in 2020 - many from Warm Springs chipped in, even from far over the mountain - to support Amanda & Erik in this new family journey. They are forever grateful for Warm Springs - how the community supported and lifted up their new family. How does one say 'thank you' for such kindnesses and support?

A brief conversation with our friends in Portugal. The Man and the PTM Foundation made it clear synergy was afoot. Both Amanda and Erik grew up in rural areas...Erik loved skateboarding...but without much pavement or a skatepark - he was limited to skating on grass, gravel, or in the rare paved garage. Skateboarding is a physical and mental activity - teaching lessons of commitment, dedication, hard work, creativity, and perseverance. PTM Foundation introduced us to Tony Hawk's Skatepark Project who - serendipitously - is in talks to support skateboarding initiatives in the Warm Springs community. This year Ginew will be donating to The Skatepark Project efforts with Warm Springs.

Thank you to the Ginew family for supporting initiatives with the Warm Springs community through the Facing East Flyer's Jacket - thank you for helping us lift up and thank the Warm Springs Nation. We are delighted to be making a collective impact - for years to come - with you and our partners...especially the Warm Springs Nation. Learn more about our foundation partners in this effort to make a difference for a community that we love...and GET INVOLVED.

 Read more about the story of the Facing East fabric design here.


Photos of Portugal. The Man by Josue Rivas