VOGUE + Indigenous Voice

"Vogue nailed it." ~ Amanda

Amanda's statement is equal parts joy and sigh-of-relief. We've been milling about the fashion world - mostly on the fringe and premium markets - with Ginew in earnest since 2014; needless to say, we've encountered a range of sentiments from gentle curiosity to persistent, flagrant ignorance. In these moments, we have come to recognize how vital Indigenous presence is within in the global fashion ecosystem.

If you haven't - READ THIS ARTICLE RIGHT NOW written by Christian Allaire, First Nations Ojibwe staff writer at VOGUE. At Ginew, we have been fortunate to share our story with a number of media sources, both domestically and beyond, and we have developed a sense of unease...almost a bit of a cringe waiting for the romanticism and ignorance to flow with each publication. This was not the case with Christian Allaire & Vogue who looked at Ginew for what we are and see us as we are. We Absolutely love the feature.

Let us explain...the article shares our story in a way which acknowledges that we are Indigenous people (Ojibwe, Oneida & Stockbridge-Munsee) living in a contemporary context who have an existence extending beyond what is (or, is not) taught in the US educational system, highlighted in media, and written into US policy. We are here, to write and share our own story from our own perspective, without adhering to the constructs of what we are supposed to be. Native American people and Nations define what is "true" Native American design, culture, aesthetic, fashion, thought, and/or beliefs. Most importantly, the article's tone includes us as valuable and co-existent within the American story, beyond December 29th, 1890 and a smattering of Edward Curtis photographs. Christian + Vogue did not fantasize or romanticize our existence... did not relegate our thoughts, beliefs and values to "ancient" - "mythical" - or "pre-Columbus." Christian's words and insights acknowledge and humbly respect our beliefs, designs, cultures, languages, values, and way of life - albeit dynamic and different from our grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great... - as something contemporary and alive. We are still here, we belong here, and Indigenous voice is essential to the global, human narrative that we all share.

After reading this post, please share the Vogue article with your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow humans...this is a key example of a piece done well.

Christian + Vogue, you nailed it.

Chi miigwetch + yawʌ’kó (Ojibwemoin + Oneida "Thank you")