The talk at the War Bonnet (Menominee Nation) late in August was the growing activity at Standing Rock and the Sacred Stone camp. News reports indicated at least 200 people were gathered to pray and resist the construction of an oil pipeline north of the reservation. Whispers at the War Bonnet indicated that thousands were gathering. On a whim, we altered our course in late August to go and stand in solidarity with Water Protectors at Standing Rock.

We were not prepared for the sight as we crested the hill - thousands of lodges, tents, and campers. Amazing - chilling - solidarity. People were arriving from all directions to support the efforts at Standing Rock. The atmosphere at Sacred Stone Camp was peaceful, prayerful, and vibrant. Elders from across Indian Country - one from Obashing, Red Lake Nation - shared insights, stories, and prayers with the many gathered around the arbor. It made us proud to see our tribal flags flying in support of Standing Rock, the Water Protectors, and the young women with the vision to start what has grown into an awakening movement. Challenges persist and we are not certain how things will end up at Standing Rock, however, this is not the end. Rather, this is a beginning. We look forward to watching the youth who began this moment grow into national leaders - leaders who amplify the peoples' voice. Water Protectors, we stand with you.

100% of proceeds from the WATER PROTECTOR SHIRT will be donated to the legal fund providing assistance to Water Protectors.

We are grateful for the support of our friends L A N D Boys - JUNGMAVEN - SCREEN DOOR PRINTING - ART & SONS who generously participated in this effort. Please take time to learn more at FRESHET COLLECTIVE. For more information about Standing Rock and global, indigenous efforts to protect our homelands, please visit VICELAND RISE.