Let me introduce myself... My name is Erik and I am Anishinaabe (or Ojibwe) of the Pine Marten clan from the Great Lakes region - in particular Northern Minnesota with family originally from Gayaashko Zagaa'igan (Gull Lake) and later Gaa-waabaabigaanikaag (White Earth). I believe in the potential of American Indian youth and the creative genius living within Indigenous communities. I am the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Ginew® - the only Native American-owned premium denim brand on Earth. Looking back on the past eleven years of Ginew® has been amazing as we have created garments telling our story - a contemporary Native American story - all the while building them right here in Indian Country USA - Turtle Island - Native America.

Ginew has grown in leaps and bounds - from a fledgling idea to make meaningful gifts for our wedding ceremony to the first garment born of a coffee-crazed February morning at El Cosmico deep in the heart of Far Out West Texas... Now we stand on the edge of a new journey - looking to the horizon to find our way...searching for the WAYFINDER and inspiration that will chart our course forward.

So much has changed for us personally - as a family - over the past 18 months...pandemic...death...birth. It's difficult for me to express how profound and transformative these moments have been for me as a human being, community member, and artist....nay, DREAMER. You've come this far with us...and we are certain of a creative, beautiful future where American Indian and Alaska Native voices lead across ecosystems and spaces.

Thank you for joining us on this journey the past eleven years...and thank you for joining us as we leap forward into directions which stand to make a more meaningful and enduring impact on Indian Country, Turtle Island, Native America, and the world... In the months ahead - join us on this ODYSSEY into the creative process as we seek inspiration and guidance to reach our full potential and flourish...to reimagine sustainability and dive even further into our legacy and values. We cannot wait to share the beautiful future with you.

In gratitude - miigwetch for taking these steps with us.