Music and song are healing...the gift transcends the physical realm and has the tendency to unite and inspire, especially in uncertain times. Willie Nelson and the LUCK REUNION family took to the digital realm to bring their energy, inspiration, and beauty into our lives...wherever we we could all be found. The sets were short, sweet, and glorious...we huddled around our monitor to see artist after artist share their gifts with the LUCK REUNION community...and the world.

We did not notice it at first...too fixated on the performances perhaps...but later I noted that nearly 60,000 people were tuned in and watching the session. SIXTY THOUSAND VIEWERS! All of us likely staying in place and in small numbers (you better be, this pandemic is no hoax), yet all joined around a common goal of experiencing the beauty of each performance...together.

The inspiration and beauty of LUCK TIL FURTHER NOTICE performances shined through...and from us, a special thanks to Jewel, Nikki Lane, Nathaniel Rateliff, Neil Young, and - most certainly not least - Willie Nelson. Your words, notes, songs, cords, and persistence to do what you do best...inspiring us all to realize the birds are singing, grasses are growing, and we are all in this together. Sunrise - Sunshine - Sunset.

This year we were invited to attend the LUCK REUNION in person - and excited would be an UNDERSTATEMENT...we love TX, Austin, and the people who live there...we relish the opportunity to spend time with our faves FT LONESOME who we unabashedly "fan-brand" over every chance we get...and we were so honored to be invited to Willie Nelson's ranch to share the Ginew collection with the LUCK family. We even made some super special bandanas and patches for the occasion. It didn't turn out the way all of us had hoped, but in the end it will all work out.

We could all use a little luck right now...and with TIL FURTHER NOTICE a little LUCK went a long, long way.