Greetings from the moody and rainy UPPER LEFT COAST!

As the "greys" move in and skies perpetuate soft, muted colors...it's time to sit back, wrap up in a blanket and reflect on the year. Around here, this is the beginning of the winter hibernation...which provides ample opportunity for warming up near the fire, dreaming up new ideas and sipping on some of the best coffee on the planet (Heart & Ruby coffees).

This year has been fantastic - we've traveled near and far, made new friends and cherished those long-time friends, AND some dreams came true this year. We love using PENDLETON® fabric in our lives as our relatives have done for years. 2017 marks the year we are able to start using a custom Ginew® wool blanket fabric woven for us by Pendleton®. From the hatching of the wild idea, working with our friend DYANI WHITEHAWK (CETANSKA) and the Pendleton® team, to delivery of the fabric...it's been a dream come true.

The "WE WALK TOGETHER" design is a fusion of our lives together - a fusion of our home and how we have chosen each other on this journey - and how we choose to hold our cultural values dear in our home. The blanket features traditional designs from each of our tribes (Ojibwe, Oneida & Mohican) which have been combined to represent how we live our lives. We respect each other's culture and ways as we draw each other near.

Watch for the use of the fabric in upcoming releases AND stay tuned as we will likely have a re-run of the blankets available next year. Oh yeah, if you've ever wondered what it feels like to wrap yourself in your own, custom Pendleton®-woven blanket...just scroll down.

Thank you for following along our journey and dreaming with us.