Sometimes you make waves, other times you make what you can with the waves...or catch them. We do not always have a plan for where we are going - in fact, we are trying to plan less and less. To be open to the gems in life - to the moments before and during the dawn - to the chance people we are able to meet. Chance. Happenstance. Open-ness. Curiosity. All of these led to an unplanned, but perfectly welcomed experiment of transforming the blanket design into a surfboard. Leaning into the Fall is something we do in the Pacific Northwest. The season shifts from the absolute mania of long, sunny days to the arrival of grey skies and shorter days. In this shift come the coastal storms and surfing. Our friend David took time to shape and create a surfboard with the Ginew "WE WALK TOGETHER" design.

The results...stunning. We couldn't help but equate the experience of watching David surf the blanket design to him taking a magic carpet ride... Surreal to see him ride a blanket on the pounding surf of the Pacific coast.