WOVEN Magazine Issue 02 arrived on our doorstep this week. The publication is an exploration of makers and thinkers. Issue 02 features a number from around Portland, OR. At Ginew, we are thrilled to have been chosen to be a part of the issue. What began as a conversation in a local, Portland tea house grew into a day filled with laughter, meals, and spending time with friends.

A Heritage Well Worn offers a glimpse into the story of Ginew and what drives us in our design processes. Nicole Mason and the WOVEN crew walked with us through our design studio and some favorite places along the Columbia River Gorge. The WOVEN team is a curious bunch, always seeking to get to the core of what matters - what drives and inspires people in their creative expression - all while elegantly navigating a conversation and capturing the experience on film. Local friends took the time to walk with us and share how they have worn their Ginew clothing. Find your copy of Issue 02 in the WOVEN SHOP.

Many thanks to the kind and thoughtful folks at WOVEN. Well done. We wish you much success.