Your Thoughts become Your Destiny

The last few weeks…nay months…have been dizzying. Seems like there has been a lot coming at us – texts, deadlines, pushes – and we have made little time for stillness and recharging. It is tough simply to keep up…with the things. Name your thing – the notification, catastrophe, urgency – speak the project, task, deadline... We need moments – moments away from the checklist and blue screens – moments marked with meaning. No hype – only moments.

The one constant in this period of meaning is the rhythm of waves. Slowly – methodically the waves reach Punta Lobos where the waters rapidly run deep to shallow…ending in spectacular crashes along the shore. Here…waves keep the schedule and their existence permeates each moment awake – asleep – or in between. It’s grounding – to say the least – to have each thought infused by the ever-present thunder of something bigger and bluer and most beautiful. The first evening along the beach it was difficult to stay sleeping as large swells shook the shore… What seemed constant before we stepped away for a bit – chaos and uncertainty…all around us – feeds, phones, and faces – all speaking of anxieties and uncertainties…all potentially bound for thoughts…for destiny.

Not here – not today – not tomorrow. The constants along this point are 1) being together and 2) the rhythm of the ocean. Perhaps the moments we are living in are periods of meaning – much like a wave – which is part of something much bigger and more beautifully connected than we pause to imagine. Stepping back to look at all the beauty – be it the waves as they crescendo into shore ending in a fury of foam…or so distant that ocean merges indistinguishable with sky.

Your thoughts become your destiny. I like it. The idea of us all coming together, as one in a period of meaning that simply is… It is no wonder that dreamers have sat at the edge of big waters for millennia, staring intently to the horizon yearning for a sign.


NO SECRET HERE - We LOVE Bunkhouse Hotels - El Cosmico is where the Heritage Coat idea was born and sketched out...and we continue to make our way back to the places they curate so well. Thank you friends!