It's no secret - we are huge fans of Ft. Lonesome. From a chance meeting over some Tacodeli Ottos (if you don't know, you should) back in a backyard one Austin Summer in introvert camp vibes underneath the West Texas starry this present day - Ginew still gushes over Ft. Lonesome. It's their spirit, energy, intention and sincerity - to self and art - which remains a constant in our growing body of work and friendship. (TB COAT & JACKET) Ft. Lonesome, they think and care deeply about what they do...and this has been so evident in how they have approached justice, equity, and authenticity in an age of cultural appropriation - in particular the mass cultural appropriation of American Indian design in the fashion industry. Simply put, Ft. Lonesome gets it...and when they feel they may not, they humbly and respectfully inquire. This month Ft. Lonesome and Ginew are partnering up to giveaway a chain-stitched wax canvas vest. The patch features the Ojibwe Thunderbird, with colors representing the division between sacred day & night, and the mountains we saw while heading West from our homelands in the Great Lakes to Portland, OR. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months - we may be offering the custom patch directly through Ft. it can be applied to your favorite garment - Ginew or otherwise.

Ft. Lonesome, we love your magic. The beautiful authenticity, social awareness, laughter and starry campsite vibes...these things transcend a brand, business, and chain-stitching as an art. The way y'all live your lives and spread LOVE to others, few have this and fewer have the courage to live it...your love and courage are your lightning-in-a-bottle. The community you build loves you back. Your friends, Amanda & Erik