We are thrilled to announce the release of our first jean.

The Crow Wing Jean is a classic, American five-pocket jean with a regular rise - straight leg fit made of 2017 White Oak selvedge denim...and finally an American jean with NATIVE STYLE! 

There are so many brands making fine jeans (many our friends and peers), so why introduce another jean to the world? Well, because Erik could not find a jean that fit him just right...thus we developed a jean that would fit him for all occasions. We wear jeans for everything, which can mean to an office meeting, about town in Portland, or at play in the great Pacific Northwest outdoors.

A jean must fit right, look great, and meet the demands of real, hard work. Just yesterday Erik went to a friend's ranch to load up the ole Ford truck with horse compost for our traditional foods garden. Delicate work? Nope.

At the ranch? Crow Wing Jean.
Expatriate in the Alberta Arts district? Crow Wing Jean. 
Replacing concrete flooring and walls of the new studio? Crow Wing Jean.

You get the picture - the Crow Wing Jean is up to the real challenges of work and play.

The Crow Wing River runs through the heart of the former Gull Lake Indian Reservation - an ancestral Minnesota Ojibwe territory - and we couldn't think of a better namesake for our first jean.

We love to include elements of our family traditions in our clothes - so we have adorned the jean with a deerskin patch hunted by us and have included traditional tribal designs from each of our communities on the bandana pocket lining. Both of these elements are traditional to our ancestral clothing styles and we honor our relatives by including such details in every garment we make. Check them out - look closely - you'll notice intricate details of our family history and unique Native style in the jean. So fun...

We've teamed up with INDIGO PROOF - Portland's own eminence of denim repair - to offer $20 off the first repair of any Ginew jean purchased directly from Ginew.

It's simple: contact Rain at Indigo Proof, send her your jean along with the Ginew repair card, and they will take care of the rest! It's our way to say thank you for being a part of the Ginew journey AND ensuring you get the specialized repair your jeans deserve for a long and happy adventure.

Stay tuned for the BLACK CROW WING JEAN in the coming weeks and a new cut to launch in 2018.

See them in-person at BURG & SCHILD and MANREADY MERCANTILE - our exclusive EU and USA stockists for 2017. When you visit, make sure to say hello to the crew for us!