Introducing your new go-to jean, the "RED" jean, one you will rely on every day. Everything we make at Ginew is rooted in our tribal cultures - drawing inspiration from our lands, relatives, and cultural teachings. Flowing through our ancestral lands are rivers, each providing necessary elements for the sustainability of the community - water, food, transportation and play. The West Fork of the Red River is the heart of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Reservation...and runs right next to uncle’s cabin. The rivers in our lands are essential, something relied upon every day.

The RED JEAN is built in the USA with Nihon Menpu (Japan) 13 OZ selvedge denim, custom Ginew® hardware, and hunted deer leather patch. We love the denims from Nihon Menpu - the fades are amazing - and we are excited to be offering the jean in both INDIGO and BLACK denim. Each Fall we hunt deer in the Great Lakes Region of USA, as our families have done since time immemorial, and include the deer skin patch to honor our traditional clothing & textiles. The rivets feature the Ginew® leaf and burrs are decorated with Ginew® crest symbol. The interior pockets are decorated with Oneida skydome and Ojibwe lodges symbols - designs traditional to our tribes. Available in the online GINEW SHOP.

Ft. Lonesome has done it again! Our gal-pals from Texas helped us hide a chain-stitched tribal symbol that will appear over time - as the fades set in their work and the symbol will shine through. Each pair includes $20 off your first fix from the eminence of denim repair in the USA - Portland’s own INDIGO PROOF.