Deer Leather | Traditional Textile

Ginew uses deer leather that we hunt to make our collection. No, seriously. Each Fall we head into the woods as our families have done since time immemorial - as we've SHARED PREVIOUSLY. It's an extra step we take, and one not taken deer hunting ties us directly to traditional teachings and textiles from our tribes. Hunting deer and preparing the hides is done collectively by our families and allows us to offer a deeply meaningful element in the clothes we wear. Rather than save "traditional regalia" or clothing only for ceremonial or community celebrations, we seek to express ourselves as Native people everyday - including how we dress daily. We use hunted deerskin leather on the THUNDERBIRD COAT & THUNDERBIRD JACKET, as well as for the patches on the CROW WING & WEST FORK jeans.

 The investment is not small to maintain this connection...hour upon beautiful hour in the woods - scouting, watching, and waiting for a deer to offer itself to us; patience in preparing each hide - fleshing, salting, and drying. The inclusion of deerskin leathers we've hunted on our garments is the culmination of hundreds of hours...and the result is well worth every moment. As we wear these clothes, we are reminded of the key values necessary to ensure these traditions pass on...and we would have it no other way.