Who were you? Who are you? Who will you become? Now is the time to FACE EAST and begin again.

Standing at the edge of this moment, we look to the East for wisdom and guidance. In many ways, there is new beginning all around us...and there is simultaneously a balance within. Perhaps your internal balance has shifted in the past couple of years...and now is your time to choose which energies to follow and feed, while simultaneously choosing which to walk away from and let be.
We teamed up with our friends A TWILIGHT DAWN & TOM BORGES to bring this exploration into the soul...the tension between various aspects of ourselves...from where we live...to how we live and think and breathe and dream. Special shout out to Shai and Colin - representing some of the positive energies we hold within...and the energies that we will choose to let out.
EN EL ALMA is the final short in a series that explores the concepts of the FACING EAST fabric and FACING EAST FLYERS JACKET. So grateful for DYANI WHITEHAWK - TONY HAWK SKATEPARK PROJECT - PORTUGAL. THE MAN - DEHEN 1920...and many dreamers to support WARM SPRINGS skateboarding initiatives. THANK YOU Ginew community for helping us live more into our values.