The past year and a half has been profound for us...and we have drawn into ourselves to think and reflect upon our experiences and lives. Our immediate family has seen the full circle of births and passings during this time, and these moments have not been lost on us. We have paused - reflected - leaned on each other - and deepened our understanding of our teachings. Our families - and each of us individually - have drawn on teachings from the FOUR DIRECTIONS as we seek a life of kindness - as partners, parents, and community members. 

The medicine wheel and the FOUR DIRECTIONS are tools/metaphors to impart traditional teachings. In our community, the East/Spiritual (yellow) - South/Emotional (red) - West/Physical (black) - North/Mental (white) principal directions represent components of one's self and the seasons. Much of this year we have been FACING EAST - the direction of the spirit - as we celebrate the birth of our child...and journey through these early days. We greet the sun nearly every day since they joined our family - in these quiet moments at the first hint of sunrise is where our lives are focused. Nothing has made us pause and be so intentional about the stories we carry and the teachings we pass on as the experience of growing the Tribe.

There is much to come in the months ahead. In many ways, emerging from the pandemic feels like a rebirth for many of us. Clearly, our lives have been indelibly marked by this our family we have been transformed - having both lost and gained relatives. Much of our introspection has lead to a buildup of creativity and we cannot wait to share with you.

We felt it is fitting to kick things off with the CREW TEEs - the principal colors represent the FOUR DIRECTIONS and the seasons of life - MARIGOLD - URBAN RED - JET BLACK - ARCTIC WOLF. Literally, we began with THREAD! and built these tees with a keen eye for detail and performance. Using a reference garment from Erik's collegiate football issue gear, we custom knit the 100% cotton fabric, developed our own fit, and worked with a meticulous, family-owned factory to sew them. These buttery soft and durable tees are MADE IN NATIVE AMERICA along the BEST COAST, USA. Meet your favorite everyday crew tee...built for your journey.

CHI MIIGWETCH - Big Thank you! - for bringing Ginew along as you create your story.