Greetings from Portland, Oregon! The past year has been a collecting journey for us, collecting and moving our lives from Wisconsin and Texas to the Pacific Northwest. Along the way we visited people and places, many reminding us of the core of America. Thus we gathered stories and memories en route.  The road is laden with laughter and sprinkled with tears. We cherish it. Welcome to the Ginew blog - here we will share about ourselves, our process, and inspirations. This is the origin of Ginew.

Ginew (GIH-NOO) - "brown eagle" in Ojibwe and part of Erik's name - is an expression of our journey. We (Amanda and Erik) began Ginew in the Fall of 2010 as we made belts from the hide of our wedding buffalo - hunted by Erik's father and prepared by our families. What began as a way to give gifts to others has morphed into a creative exploration of our family story. The land, food ways, and cultural traditions of our tribes are essential - and our inspiration. Amanda is Oneida & Stockbridge-Munsee of the Turtle clan and Erik is Ojibwe of the Pine Marten clan. Our designs are directly inspired by our relatives - many known to us only through family stories and photographs. The result is Ginew - our expression of our family and cultures in a contemporary context.

Wonder drives us to seek a tree-top perspective where we are in this moment, yet able to glimpse into the past - into concepts - and translate these ideas in the present. Such is the perspective of the Ginew. A Ginew (brown eagle) waits at the edge of the Spirit World high in a white pine tree - high enough to gaze into both worlds. To journey from this life into the Spirit World, you must answer the Ginew when it asks for your name and clan. Responding affirms one's place. Our place is our family.