We are living in uncertain times. It feels like each day is a pendulum; where we experience moments of great despair, sadness, confusion...juxtaposed with... joy, beauty, and solidarity. Although it may not seem like it, we have been here before. 2020 has been difficult at best - crises seem to arrive in endless waves. The Pandemic - Racism - Fires - Hurricanes - Floods - and Strife all come to mind...and so does the realization that our ancestors have been here before. Literally - our ancestors faced waves of disease, strife, natural disasters...and they kept us, future generations in mind. They chose to see and acknowledge beauty. In our families we hold close stories which shaped our very being and existence today. We find strength in our relatives’ persistence. In those times - someone kept planting, kept praying, kept leaning in and leaving good things for those to come...they kept dreaming with us in their hearts and minds. Like them, now is our time to focus on forward movement, on being a positive force of change and leaving the world better than we found it.

Choose to wake up. Calm down. Listen to what is truly important. Leave behind what is artificial and false. Guard yourself from the distractions. Plan to encounter difficulties and get lost along the way. The path is not supposed to be easy.  

Remember that generations of people before us experienced pandemics, wildfires, and strife...they faced extreme challenges. They persisted. Our ancestors went down these same roads and left messages for us - they left behind actions, prayers and good intentions to help guide us. All we need to do is slow down...listen...and decide what we will leave behind. Do you hear it? Do you feel it?

Our time here is fleeting - each of us is here for a moment - it is that beautiful moment between being dust and spirit where we leave our actions, prayers, and intentions. The beauty of our lives...walking the fine line between earth and sky - walking the HORIZONS.

Thank you, all of you, for joining Ginew (Amanda & Erik) on this journey. Every single one of you matter and we celebrate your daily acts of kindness and how you acknowledge beauty in your daily life. Special thanks to our friends and collaborators - Amanda, Bobby, Claire, Steve, Martin, Sarah, Rachel, Tom, Sandy, Tiffany, John, Zach, and Portugal. The Man - we are grateful for your creativity and the gift of crossing paths with you in life.

Chi miigwetch for dreaming with us.

Horizons Campaign Video

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Amanda Leigh Smith, Director, Photographer @a_leighsmith

Martin Reigel, DP @martin_reigel

Claire Everson, Drone/PA @idahoney

Robert Cuadra, Editor & Story @elcuad

Erik Brodt & Amanda Breugl, Producers & Story @ginew_usa

Music by Portugal The Man "Bellies Are Full" @portugaltheman

Permission courtesy of Portugal The Man

Steve Dewey, Actor, Model @steve_dewey

Tiffany Ayalik, Voice @ayaliktiffany