Illuminating Natives in Fashion

Speaking to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) last week was clear - direct - and unified...and AMAZING. Thank you to CFDA for making it a priority to hear from Native American thought-leaders in this space. More must be done to elevate Native American voice within the global fashion ecosystem. Native American designers are not currently present in New York Fashion Week - 0% of all designers showing in last five years are American Indian or Alaska Native. While Native designers are not present - many point to appropriation of Native American style and design within the framework. It does not need to be this is time to re-imagine the fashion ecosystem in a way which ushers forth Native designers - who bring their values, ideas, leadership, and unique perspectives to the forefront. Perhaps this will represent a new dawn for fashion and our (humans) relationship with what we wear and how we exist and express ourselves through clothing.

When you join the Ginew Family and purchase items from our are doing much, much more than supporting a Native American-owned business. You are part of the necessary change - you make a statement to be more sustainable by choosing to wear garments that hold up for years - you choose to respect stories & values & practices which have guided peoples in North America for carry and share the symbols of kindness and unity included on our clothing... You elevate Native American voice in fashion and contemporary support a talent-incubator that sees the possibility of an Indigenous moment where the world is more whole and benefits from the richness of Native perspectives, ideas, leadership, and values. Thank you - Ginew Family - for joining us all in this vision.

CFDA & Vogue & B.Yellowtail & 4Kinship & Amber Dawn SWAIA & is humbling to be included as your peers. Excited to continue walking this journey together.