"Indians make the best cowboys." ~ James Welch (Blackfoot), Winter in the Blood

Ginew is Native-Americana. We exist at the intersection of being from this land, of this land, and at the forefront of elevating contemporary Native voice in the fashion ecosystem. We design and meticulously build garments that we choose to live our lives in...with inspiration always drawn from who we are as Indigenous people - knowing that in our blood lives the knowledge, stories, and lessons to guide us forward...all the while holding onto brilliant adaptations from the most recent 4-5 centuries. One thing is undeniable...Natives are STYLE. Denim is no exception...and the Harris Sister's from Eastern Oregon are the message: Legendary Style...in the Denim of Dreams.


The THUNDERBIRD JACKET and THUNDERBIRD COAT have been re-imagined this season to include custom developed denim from the Nihon Menpu Mill - it's a touch heavier in weight, woven more freely, and includes a beige warp + artisan fill. The result - DELICIOUS fades & wear. Woven into the DNA of every Ginew piece is our story - an Ojibwe, Oneida, Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican story...a contemporary Indigenous narrative...we are still here...we continue to adapt...we celebrate our ways and the teachings of our ancestors. The Thunderbird Jacket & Coat ooze Native-Americana - hunted deerskin collar, hidden chain-stitched Thunderbird, our tribal symbols stitched & stamped throughout the piece - elevating the iconic denim silhouette to that of denim lore & legend.

The Sisters take the legend one step further...styling out there session in the mid-Century vibe of Ms. Misfits...and beyond with the enchanting landscape of the high desert & Mountain West. To us...this is an icon elevated to a new sphere where Native voice & style meld into the clairvoyant adaptation and expression of true Native-Americana Style.

We celebrate the accomplishments and voice of the Harris Sisters: Ambassadors, Artisans, Dreamers, and 100% themselves. Indians make the best cowboys...