Oneida Strawberries

The First Medicine.

Amanda, co-founder of Ginew with Strawberry Bandana around neck made by Ginew 

Strawberries hold a significant place in Native American history, past and present. Strawberries are the first medicine in the Oneida community. They announce the beginning of the food seasons and the first harvests.

Ginew's co-founder, Amanda Bruegl - Oneida, Stockbridge-Munsee, shares more insight into the cultural significance of strawberries in this video and showcases one of Ginew's latest creations: the Strawberry Wild Rag. 

When you wear Ginew's iconic Oneida strawberry garments, you wear timeless tradition. You carry the spirit of the first medicines, forest floor, and bounty Earth provides. (Did you know Amanda is not only co-founder of Ginew and also a specialized doctor with expertise in gynecologic oncology and Native American health? That's right... Dr. Amanda Bruegl!)

Ginew recently launched an extra large wild rag and a strawberry bandana showcasing the Oneida strawberry. Soft and lightweight structure for styling flexibility. Also, perfect for festival and pow wow season.

The Oneida Nation is celebrating a milestone this year! 2024 marks the 50th Pow Wow Anniversary. It's a place to connect and celebrate and the public is welcome. Interested in learning more? Visit Explore Oneida

Native American-owned clothing company, Ginew, is honored to have you as part of our community. We love seeing our community share their adventures while wearing Ginew. So don't forget to tag us: @Ginew_USA

Oneida Strawberry Wild Rag by Ginew

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