Welcome to Mitte (the center, the heart) of Berlin, Germany - a city perfect for creative and independent people to thrive. Berlin is home of renowned BURG & SCHILD - an industry-leading shop for men who appreciate quality and tradition. 

Each brand and product in the store is hand-selected by the team, whereby they concentrate on unique brands which adhere to timeless style and high-quality, limited-run production. The shop embodies the ethos of respect and quality, with a customer base that truly understands and appreciates the experience of breaking in a pair of selvedge denim jeans or a leather jacket for years.

To meet the high expectations of their customer base, the shop team focuses on excellence in the products they care, the service they provide, and their unique shop identity. The Burg & Schild is an experience - go find out for yourself. Meet the team, talk story, share a drink and let the team do the rest.

At Ginew, we are proud that Burg & Schild was our very first European stockist.

The shop featured the world premier of the GINEW CROW WING JEAN - a regular rise, straight leg jean made in Los Angeles with 100% USA-sourced materials. And, you read the product description correctly, we hunt the deer we use to make our leather patches.