The Facing East + White Bear Moccasins

The third creation to come in the Facing East Collection, and the first ever shoes in the Ginew collection - The Facing East White Bear Moccasins!

Two pair of moccasins made of leather and brightly pattered wool fabric sit in a grassy field

These are extra special, not only because they are so stunning, but also because they are made with remnants from the making of the Ginew + Dehen Flyer's Jacket!

Some of you may already know our friend, Shauna White Bear. If you don't, prepare to be amazed!

Shauna White Bear and her two dogs sit outside the door to her studio in Bozeman, MT

Shauna shared some of her story to share with all of you:

"White Bear Moccasins is a Native owned company that reaches out to local, indigenous college students. Creating a safe environment for them to flourish, learn the craft, and be proud of what they can accomplish. We use a variety of materials that are important in our history. Distinct details make WBM stand out; from the trade cloth, heavy bison, to the Moc Knot. 

We want to continue to teach other Natives the craft because it is a craft that isn’t necessarily passed down. We want to teach a trade so it wouldn’t be lost. There is no other company that is made by hand with an all indigenous team. I want to take back the craft and not let huge companies take a heritage that isn’t theirs. 

Most moccasins patterns are three piece designs, but each tribe is different.I took a pattern and tweaked it using materials that I was most drawn to; rivets and wool. I wanted to make an everyday moccasin, but heavy duty and for everybody. I’ve chosen Bison hide because traditionally, Bison hides were used to make moccasins. Bison was also utilized by the Plains tribes, using the whole animal, as it is five times stronger than a cowhide. 

Ultimately, I want to bring people together. The best is to learn from each other and be open to everyone. People will always be fascinated by Native American culture and the various crafts. Using this and working together with each customer, I’m able to bring the past alive with a contemporary flair. Honoring their wishes and artistic insights by using our team’s artistic abilities to create something beautiful together." ~ Shauna White Bear

You can find her in Bozeman, Montana, or shop the rest of her collection online at

Sauna White Bear working in her studio