Ginew's Genesis Leaf | True Voice


This leaf represents where Ginew started + where we are going.

Seeking to brand in 2011, Ginew encountered many agencies who “knew exactly” how to represent the company and co-founders....often concocting bizarre logos with feathers, bows, arrows and headdresses. We sought something timeless, yet something that represented who we are and where we are going.

After much research, Ginew landed on a company from Amanda and Erik's home state, ART & SONS - a design studio hailing from Madison, WI. Made up of a team who vacillate wearing a cadre of hats: owner-designer-artist-dreamer-wanderers...they turn out some of the most authentic branding. The first meeting was at an Indigenous foods fundraiser for a youth camp from the Red Lake Nation. They designed a gorgeous, split-fountain print for the fundraiser that simultaneously represented traditional Ojibwe values and the playful joy of children. Stunning.

It was a time much like today - a time when the economy was a bit off-center. Time to invent...or re-invent out of necessity...the “maker movement” came at a time when people began to recreate themselves.

A desire + need to see beyond the novelty of us being Ojibwe & Oneida-Stockbridge Munsee. No over-used icons. Immediately we could tell this experience was different - approaching topics and ideas with humility and zeal to understand the essence of our story. Tough questions answered... including some real FIELD work.

Seeking inspiration and ideas for branding Ginew, there was a moment when one of the crew wanted to learn more about where Amanda & Erik began...get to the heart of the what and the why of this journey.

Curiosity led to our origin - to the tree under which the co-founders had their marriage ceremony. Sitting under the tree and drifting away in search of inspiration. Then it happened. Gently floating on the breeze, a leaf slowly danced from the branches through the sky a landed on the lap. Brilliant. THIS is GINEW'S story.

The Ginew leaf - a symbol from the place where the co-founders began to walk their journey together...timeless & connected to our woodland cultures and forever part of the Ginew story moving forward. Our true voice is expressed in this leaf. We are grateful to the Ginew community - thank you for being part of our journey. Ginew's Wood Gift Box with Oak Leaf


Ginew's collection with Oak Genesis Leaf