Close up of Native American 100% wool blanket in blue, brown, plum, black and tan made in USA tag
Native American model with made in usa wool blanket in red, beige and blue.
Large full blanket of 100% wool blanket in blue, brown, plum, black and tan made in USA
Close up of 100% wool blanket in blue, brown, plum, black and tan made in USA with a leather label

Gently Strikes Wool Blanket

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An exciting Native American collaboration! Ginew + Addie Roanhorse

Each blanket is pure virgin wool 82% + 18% cotton and proudly woven in NATIVE AMERICA - Oregon, USA by Pendleton® Woolen Mills

Artist Biography
Addie Roanhorse is a multidisciplinary artist residing on the Osage Nation Reservation, a place rooted in artistic expression. The mother and daughter of artists, Roanhorse identifies as a conduit of history to future generations to protect and preserve Indigenous culture. As an artist, photographer, and graphic designer, much of her work crosses disciplines resulting in mixed media, murals, and textiles. Roanhorse holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Early work can be seen at Santa Fe Indian Art Market, Osage Nation Foundation Pendleton Blanket, and the Momentary in Bentonville, AR. While working as the senior graphic designer for the Osage Nation, Roanhorse created culturally relevant branding and public health messages throughout the pandemic and served as interim director at the Osage Nation Museum. Most recently, her practice expanded into film when she was appointed by Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear as the Osage Nation Ambassador for the movie “Killers of the Flower Moon” directed by Martin Scorsese. Roanhorse worked in the film’s Art Department as one of the Art Directors and Osage Consultant. This work has placed Roanhorse at the forefront of groundbreaking Indigenous representation advancing in the entertainment industry today. As an entrepreneur deeply committed to supporting Native artists, she owns the Big Rain Gallery in Pawhuska, OK. Big Rain Gallery is focused on providing and holding space for Native artists to tell their own stories.



  • Generous size of 64" X 80"
  • Woven by Pendleton® - Oregon, USA
  • Pure virgin wool 82% + 18% cotton
  • Un-napped + felt bound
  • Deer hunted leather patch (naturally light color variations)
  • Wild Rag also available in this design
  • Small-batch production - limited quantities 
Ginew Clothing company Co-founders Native American Amanda Bruegl and Erik Brodt in field


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