Ginew green cotton Cargo Pant made in USA with extra large side pockets from Ginew
Green ripstop cotton cargos with close up of Genesis Leaf Tag on Side Pocket.
Full view of backside of Ginew Cargo Pants on neutral background.
Man in field wearing green cotton cargos and orange wax canvas jacket
Made in USA button fly on green Ginew Cargo Pants.
Detail view of waist drawstring and button fly on green ripstop Ginew Cargo Pants.

Cargo Pant

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The Ginew Cargo Pant is inspired by Dad's Vietnam US ARMY field pants. The Cargo Pant is a relaxed fit, with a loose leg, and slightly oversized cargo pockets at the sides. He wore his field pants for decades as we would explore the woods, rivers, hills and marshes of the Great Lakes...he taught us to be outside and to hunt while wearing his US ARMY field pants. Many of our fondest memories as kids with him someway involved his field pants and occurred long before understanding what was sacrificed to for him to earn these pants. Now I wear the Ginew Cargo Pant and aspire to create long-lasting memories with our children - showing them the woods, waters, mountains and open spaces.

The Cargo Pant honors Dad's service and enduring commitment to us as children. Every detail was thoughtfully considered and each inclusion meant to uplift and honor the memories created in the original garment. In addition, these pants pay tribute to all Native Veterans who served in the Vietnam War - you are our parents, cousins, aunties, uncles, jokesters, advocates and heroes... We respect and acknowledge all the things each of you have carried for all of us.



  • 100% Cotton, 6.5 ounce
  • Ripstop weave
  • All-season wearability
  • Button fly
  • Oversized pockets
  • Unisex, 31.5" inseam 
  • Drawstring at waist
  • Durable + comfortable 
  • Made in the USA

Size Chart

Flat lay measurements - not circumference. 
1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.

Front Rise to Gusset seam Thigh Leg Opening (half) Inseam
30 16" 20" 11.25" 13.25" 8" 31.5"
31 16.5" 20.5" 11.5" 13.5" 8.25" 31.5"
32 17" 21" 11.75" 13.75" 8.5" 31.5"
33 17.5" 21.5" 12" 14" 8.75" 31.5"
34 18" 22" 12.25" 14.25" 9" 31.5"
36 19" 22.5" 12.5" 14.75" 9.5" 31.5"
38 20" 23.75" 12.5" 15.25" 10" 31.5"

Pairs well with

Ginew Clothing company Co-founders Native American Amanda Bruegl and Erik Brodt in field


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