Large wild rag bandana made in USA in green, yellow, red and white with the word Ginew in corner.
Large wild rag bandana with Eight point star design in green and yellow, white and black.
Colorful green large scarf with word Ginew in corner with daisies in background
Star Quilt Wild Rag
Amanda, co-founder of Ginew with colorful green large scarf made by Ginew
Rolled wild rag bandana made in USA by Native American Ginew
Close up of word GINEW on Large wild rag bandana with Eight point star design in green and yellow, white and black.

Star Quilt Wild Rag

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The Star Quilt Wild Rag is inspired by the 8-point star design adorning some of our most beloved quilts and regalia given to us to honor key moments in life as well as acknowledge special people that come into our lives that make an everlasting impact. 

Hues of nature: Malachite green + Golden yellow + Poppy red. 

The generous size is perfect to display this timeless 8-point star design. Colors inspired by nature plus the all-cotton construction provides styling flexibility. Historically, wild rags were worn by cowboys and cowgirls for protection from the elements, used to strain water, or even as a bandage. Today, you can be as creative as your personality - we've seen these tied in a square not, Windsor, buckaroo knots, used in interior design and more!  



  • 43" x43" wild rag 
  • 100% cotton, lightweight 
  • Sewn edges 1/4" single needle hems
  • Small batch production 
  • Printed in South Korea
  • Sewn in Los Angeles
    Ginew Clothing company Co-founders Native American Amanda Bruegl and Erik Brodt in field


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