Made in USA selvedge denim jean jacket coat with wool lining made in USA by Ginew. Interior of lining showing on open coat.
Native American Model wearing selvedge denim, wool-lined jean jacket and all-cotton tee by Ginew
Front of Denim coat jacket with lining made in USA by Ginew.
Denim coat made in USA by Ginew with close up of interior tag that says Native Americana
Quilted arm lining inside denim jacket made in USA by Ginew
Back of denim coat jacket with lining.
Native American model in wood wearing jean jacket coat with colorful lining.
Native American model in selvedge denim jeans and jean coat in woods
Made in USA denim jacket with colorful lining on Native American model in woods.

Women's Niizhoo Coat Gently Strikes

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Niswi - Niizhoo - Bezhig...Ojibwe for Three - Two - One...
The countdown has come! We are delighted to announce our first women's coat to our collection: Women's Niizhoo Coat. It was only a matter of time, truly. Ginew began with contemporary fits of the Barn Coat (Our Heritage Coat) and Type 3 (Our Rider Jacket) and now we honor the strong, visionary women leaders in our communities with the Women's Niizhoo Coat (contemporary Type 2 coat). 

Experience the delectable Gently Strikes wool lining designed by Addie Roanhorse (Osage Nation) and proudly woven for Ginew in Oregon by Pendleton® Woolen Mills. We could think of no better way to honor our matriarchs than working closely with Addie Roanhorse to develop a lining which embodies that precise and powerful energy of our women leaders...past, present and future. The lightening gently strikes... can you feel it? Can you hear it? 

Miigwetch. Wear with spirit friends... and get some Native Americana today!

Construction Notes 

  • Custom Gently Strikes wool lining woven by Pendleton® (Portland, OR)
  • 32 oz wool lining (82% wool & 18% cotton)
  • Deadstock denim (100% cotton)
  • Front pleats + center front panels with navy bartacks 
  • Quilted satin lined sleeves 
  • Contemporary type 2 jacket fit
  • Two side + front pockets
  • Custom hardware (USA)
  • Women's sizing
  • Manufactured in Los Angeles, California

Size Chart

Flat lay measurements - not circumference. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. 

Length Chest Bottom Opening Shoulder Width Sleeve Length
Small 22.5" 20.5" 19.5" 16.5" 24.5"
Medium 23" 21.5" 20.5" 17" 25"
Large 23.5" 22.5" 21.5" 17.5" 25.5"
XLarge 24" 23.5" 22.5" 18" 26"


Watch the video.

Ginew Clothing company Co-founders Native American Amanda Bruegl and Erik Brodt in field


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